IBLI Innovations Challenge

Competition inspires Innovation

What we have done

Ever since the IBLI programme was conceived in 2010, the team has been working on a suit of methods to ensure better understanding and uptake of the product. From edutainment, jingles, cartoon books, flyers and posters…we have tried it all and done it all. Though we have received moderate results using these methods, we still have not been able to create the necessary impact of having every pastoralist in Northern Kenya want the product out of a sense of informed demand:

1. Pictorials

IBLI Pictorial Book_APA_

APA Pictorial

Ethiopia Educational Cartoon


2. Videos and Edutainment

Edutainment about IBLI

How IBLI is explained to the community –Project Video

Payout ceremony – Wajir Payouts

3. Jingles

As part of intro and outro before radio messages and something that could be used on phones as ringtones and transferred through whtsapp

4. Understanding IBLI: Garissa  Isiolo  Mandera  Marsabit Wajir

Four page documents which explains the concept of IBLI and its main features in the most simple language possible:

Understanding IBLI


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