IBLI Innovations Challenge

Competition inspires Innovation


1. What is the IBLI

Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) is a product that is designed to protect against   prolonged forage scarcity. IBLI triggers payment to pastoralists to help maintain their livestock in the face of severe forage scarcity

2. Why is the IBLI innovation competition important?

Pastoralists struggle to comprehend the IBLI product and make informed purchase decisions. This has limited the uptake of IBLI. This competition will source innovative and practical ideas on the design and deployment of an effective IBLI awareness and extension campaign.

3. Who can enter this competition?

Individuals, groups and organizations are free to enter this competition. They must demonstrate a good understanding of the pastoral context in their concept notes. Staff and agents of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), APA Insurance, Takaful Insurance Africa, World Vision, Mercy Corps and their families cannot participate in this competition.

4. Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes. An individual or organization may submit more than one entry. However, an individual or organization can only win one prize.

5. Where can I get information on Index Based Livestock Insurance, IBLI?

Information about IBLI is available from APA insurance agents in Marsabit and Isiolo and Takaful Insurance agents in Wajir. You can also obtain information from the ILRI website https://livestockinsurance.wordpress.com/index/ and the competition website, https://ibliinnovationschallenge.wordpress.com/

6. What approaches have been used to educate pastoral communities on IBLI so far?

The IBLI project team has tried a variety of approaches to create awareness on the insurance contract including:

  •  Extension materials – i.e. comic books, FAQ’s, Videos (edutainment videos), simulations (using stones, insurance games)
  • Working with NGO partners to embed IBLI education into their regular programming
  • Action research approaches
  • Radio advertising and call -in shows

Examples of these methods have been uploaded onto the project website: https://ibliinnovationschallenge.wordpress.com/

7. Can I download the application form

Yes. The application form can be downloaded and filled up offline. However, you will have to copy past the contents on the online form. Uploading of the filled up form is not possible.

8. What prizes can one win in this competition?

The top three entries will earn cash rewards for their originators, in addition, these winning entries stand a chance of being implemented.

  • Best idea: KSH 250,000
  • 2nd best idea: KSH 200,000 
  • 3rd best idea:  KSH 150,000

If your idea is among the top 40, you will receive a certificate, a branded IBLI T-shirt and a cap

9. Will the winning ideas be implemented?

The winning ideas stand a good chance of being implemented. There is, however, no guarantee for this. The implementation will depend on the cost of the idea and the availability of funds. Originators of the winning ideas may be involved in implementation, but there is no guarantee of this happening.

10. Who should I talk to if I have questions?

Queries and requests for information should be sent to
The IBLI Innovations Challenge Team
Tel: 0711033043
Email: ibliwebsystem@cgiar.org


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