IBLI Innovations Challenge

Competition inspires Innovation

Apply for this Challenge

General Guidelines and Rules for Participation

  1. This call for innovations is part of ILRI’s Research and development activities designed to develop technologies to improve the resilience of pastoral communities against risks. ILRI is a not-for-profit international organisation and all its outputs become international public goods, which are aimed at alleviating poverty, increasing food security and human nutrition, protecting the environment and influencing policy
  2. Each submission MUST take into account the context of Northern Kenya, which is a remote and difficult terrain with poor transport, financial and communication infrastructure
  3. Each submission should take into account cultural, ethnic and religious makeup of Northern Kenya, including the nomadic and semi-nomadic lifestyles of pastoralists
  4. All concept note submissions must be in English and should not be more than 1000 words (excluding any tables).
  5. Concept notes may be submitted online through the innovation challenge website by filling-in predesigned forms. Each section of the online forms has word limitations. This online form is printable for use offline. Only fully completed applications can be accepted through the website. Submissions through email are NOT allowed. Please make sure that you click the “Submit” button by 13th March 2015, at midnight in order to participate. (Challenge website: https://ibliinnovationschallenge.wordpress.com/ ).
  6. Concept note submissions must be original works, unpublished and not under consideration at any publication or entity. All concept note submissions containing false/misreported information will be disqualified.
  7. By submitting a concept note, you are forfeiting intellectual property rights over the material. It becomes public good. Your concept may be published and or implemented by the Index Based Livestock Insurance team of ILRI with or without the involvement of the authors.
  8. An individual or organization can submit more than one idea. However, an individual or organization can only win one prize.
  9. The decision of the Award Committee will be final and binding.
  10. Staff, agents and families of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), APA Insurance, Takaful Insurance Africa, World Vision, Solidarites and Mercy Corps are not eligible. Those who were previously insurance sales agents may participate.
  11. By submitting your idea, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these rules and guidelines.




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