IBLI Innovations Challenge

Competition inspires Innovation


ILRI, together with its partners, has been working to implement a sustainable solution aimed at helping pastoralists minimize the impact of drought-related herd losses and accelerate recovery. This solution, index-based livestock insurance (IBLI) compensates insured pastoralists based on forage scarcity caused by prolonged drought over a season (as indicated by satellite imagery). IBLI is much more suited to the pastoral production system than conventional insurance because pay-outs are based on external readings and do not require very costly individual verification of losses. These IBLI pay-outs provide much needed cash for emergency needs occasioned by the drought and may also be used for keeping the livestock alive and/or restocking.

Despite all efforts, pastoralists still struggle to comprehend the product and make informed purchase decisions. Consequently, adoption levels of IBLI among the target population have been relatively low. We therefore face the challenge of designing awareness and extension programs that will reach pastoralists in an effective manner.

How you can help!

By developing and submitting an innovative ‘extension and awareness’ campaign idea, you will be contributing to a research and development effort, and could help spread the knowledge amongst pastoralists about IBLI and how it can help them. This innovation challenge will reward individuals and/or organisations who propose innovative campaign ideas that show the most promise of reaching more pastoralists with clearer messages about the IBLI product.

Innovations poster


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